Verklighet som överträffar dikten

VB tar ofta upp material från The Guardian. Nedan-stående artikel kommer från The Sun, en tidning med ett betydligt sämre rykte. I det här fallet hoppas man nästan att det inte är sant.

Workers are paid £2 a day to fillet and re-freeze the fish before it is shipped 5,000 miles back to Britain ten weeks later

A CODYSSEY: Fresh fish caught off Britain goes on 10,000-MILE round trip before being sold in UK supermarkets Ben Leo, 20 Jan 2020, 1:25
FISH caught off Britain are being sent on gas-guzzling 10,000-mile treks to China and back before being sold in UK supermarkets.
   Cod caught in the North Atlantic is sent to China for processing and then shipped back to Britain.
   Catches are shipped through the Channel, Med, Suez Canal, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Thailand to China.
   Tesco, Asda and Iceland all sell Atlantic, Pacific and Alaskan fish via Chinese plants.
   They say Chinese workers are “expert filleters” and their British counterparts simply do not have the skills or facilities to match.
   But eco experts have blasted the practice, which produces thousands of tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions each year.
   Bob Ward, of the Centre for Climate Change Emergency and Policy at the London School of Economics, said the environmental damage was “huge”.
   He blasted: “They send to China because labour is cheaper – about a pound a day.
“Frankly it’s damaging the environment and also disadvantageous to better paid workers who might be able to do the same job in the UK or in Europe.
   “It makes no sense.”         

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